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hystar (development version)

  • Default argument for p_select in hystar_fit() now shows all four options. The new default is p_select = c("bic", "aic", "aicc", "aiccp"), and the first option "bic" is taken when the user doesn’t provide the argument.

  • Not necessary to provide all regime names and colors, can all be specified separately

  • Added call to hystar_sim and hystar_fit objects. Call now also printed in print method.

  • The user-feedback about the progress is now not shown by default, but can be requested by setting the show_progress argument in hystar_fit() to TRUE. This is because knitr did not handle the appendLF = FALSE argument (ensuring progress gets printed on the same line each iteration, and not on a new line) of the message()-function well (that prints the progress-feedback); as a result, the print of hystar_fit() in my example on github and on the website was veeery long.

hystar 1.2.1

  • Added a welcome message with a logo and first directions for help.

  • Added user-feedback about the progress of the estimation when running hystar_fit()

  • Added the change-point information criterion

hystar 1.2.0

  • More options to customize the graphs from the plot()-method for R-objects of class hystar_fit and hystar_sim:

    • the colors of the background and lines

    • line types and widths of z, y and the thresholds

  • More default arguments in z_sim: n_t = 100 and n_switches = 2. Now, all arguments have a default, which allows you to create examples faster.

  • More default arguments in hystar_sim: r = c(-0.5, 0.5), d = 0, phi_R0 = c(0, 0.5) and phi_R1 = c(2, 0.5). Now, the only necessary argument is z.

hystar 1.1.0

  • Fixed a mistake in the estimation of the asymptotic standard error. I noticed this during simulations, where some confidence interval coverage rates were strikingly low. All is fine now!

hystar 1.0.0

CRAN release: 2023-07-05

  • First CRAN release!